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    CS4 projects in CS5 with Matrox

    Geoff Vane Level 1

      After one week of testing, I thought I could conclude that CS5 PP & AE were giving me a workable new production system.


      I have got 12 Terabyte of CS4 projects I need to use.

      Many of these projects now only work for 90%, but I could repair them a bit so CS5 would not crash etc.etc.

      PP showed which Matrox plugin used to be at which spot and that it just wasn't working anymore.

      Playback was possible and PP reacted on scrubbing and interface changes.

      It was obvious the projects were a bit mutulated, but I could see what they used to be.

      I also bought and installed Boris Continuum to compensate for the lost Matrox effects.


      But now something terrible happened.

      I opened an older PP project I was working on, but now the brand new PC has turned into the familiar nightmare mode again.

      PP tells me the Matrox effects are missing. Not so very nice, but as I said, I can fix that somewhat.

      However, somehow PP now has become horribly sluggish with CS4 projects.

      PP does not react on mouseclicks like it should.

      The output image hardly updates.

      I MUST remove the non-working plugin references, in stead of just disabeling them in the effect tab.

      I can not see, which plugin was on those exact spots, it just says Unknown so I need my old computer to figure out how to repair things.

      The old PC reference is not an option, as my boss wants me to throw it out.


      I find myself in deep trouble.

      I convinced my boss, not to buy an Avid, as we have 12 Terabyte of very precious CS4 projects.

      I told him I could use Boris to emulate the lost Matrox effects.

      Now I have this CS5 set, which does not even allow me to reconstruct CS4 projects.

      I just don't know where to look for support anymore; Adobe will point to Matrox and Boris, and they will point in the same circular way.


      Is there anyone who could say something constructive, in stead of "please report this as a bug"?

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          Cue Harm and his doorstop comment.



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            Geoff Vane Level 1

            Sorry I am not an native speaker. I do not understand that figure of speech but I fear it's a joke.

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              Alan Craven Level 4

              I am in the fortunate position of never using the multitude of "special" effects with which the older versions of Matrox cluttered the Premiere installation.  As a result, for me, the transition to CS5 using the Matrox beta drivers for my RTX2 has been no problem.  I simply opened the couple of projects that I wished to work on in CS5 and went ahead.  I deliberaterly waited until my "live" projects were at a minimum level before upgrading.


              The new system is so fast and flexible, even with a three year old system and a GTS 250 graphics card, that I do not miss the Matrox acceleration in hardware at all.  The few effects that I did use that are no longer available, e.g. Matrox Move and Scale, are now real-time with the Adobe version on my relatively feeble system.


              Clearly, where a project uses Matrox effects which are no longer available, these will have to be removed and replaced, and it is probable that they will slow things down in the meantime.  Once they are removed, there should be no more problem.


              This is by no means the first thread I have seen relating this kind of problem.  I wonder how the upgrade to CS5 was carried out?  I always keep an image of the basic Windows set-up, immediately before I install Premiere, and always start from that.  This ensures a clean start with no Matrox of Adobe debris around to cause any problems.  I always install Premiere and the rest of my Adobe software, before the rest of the office software.


              If Harm Millaard does pollute this thread with his customary abuse, my advice is to ignore him, and hope he goes away.

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                Geoff Vane Level 1

                Yes, I knew the Matrox effects would have to be reconstructed.


                It really worked well at first, just some messages things were not there.

                But I could see what was missing and projects still worked really smooth, even when plugins were missing.


                However, now all CS4 projects say Unknown where the plugins are missing and PP freezes up quite badly.

                I don't know what happended. Maybe it is the Boris install that I did.


                Somehow I must go back to a previous set up, if I only knew how.

                I need those CS2 and CS4 projects; my investment credibility depends on them.

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                  Geoff Vane Level 1

                  UPDATE: Installing Quicktime causes severe problems when using PP CS5. It's the cause of the problems mentioned here.


                  The system freezes up. You need Quicktime to play 32 bit movs or render to mov.

                  But after installing it, PP freezes several minutes when playing 32 bit TGA sequences.

                  The interface becomes sluggish and unpredictable.


                  Deinstalling Quicktime helps to cure the problems but I need to render 32 movs.


                  I'll be asking about this in a seperate thread.

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                    Alan Craven Level 4

                    There have been problems noted with some versions of Quicktime - I use the V7.6.2 oft the player and have no problems.

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                         I have a very similar problem! I just migrated to CS5 with Matrox MXO2-LE w/MAX and am having the same instability and sluggishness that I had with the Matrox Axio LE and CS4. However, I'm less than a week into this migration and am going to re-install this weekend by doing a clean install. By the way, did you install in this order?:

                      CS5 suite

                      CS5 Updates (v2.0.2)

                      BCC7 (I hope you're not using 6)

                      Matrox Utilities


                         I even have BCC7, so we're in a very similar boat. Are you sure Quicktime's the culprit? I'm running the latest, but not maybe the greatest, version of Quicktime.

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                        Geoff Vane Level 1

                        Felix, Quicktime is the culprit. Your install order is okay. You don't need to format everything again, just deinstall Quicktime.

                        There seem to be some deminished Quicktime hacks, that only give you the animation codec.

                        Maybe that can be the solution.

                        Meanwhile it is wise to avoid mixing TGA sequences with the latest Quicktime install.

                        Someone mentioned catting the TGA sequences to Quicktime with AE to avoid TGA sequences in PP.