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    Script not seeing files on mounted server

    Roger Sawhill Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have written Applescript based scripts for an InDesign project and they have been running fine. My client is moving all files to an afp server and now I can't figure out the correct path to use for the scripts to access the files on the server (which is already mounted). I have tried many permutations of the file path, but keep getting an error "can't get file @ currentpathname".


      Currrently I have the script set up with a variable of the base path to the Users home folder. I then concatenate this with another variable to complete the path to the desired folder. I am assuming I just need to get the base of this path and then I can replace the variable to the usersfolder with the new base path.


      If someone could help in this regard I would greatly appreciate it.