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    RoboHelp and Dual Core

    Mick Mathers
      I have a Dual Core CPU PC that has two booting scenarios. The first allows windows access to both cores. The second has /NUMPROC=1 on the boot.ini command line as the second core is reserved for a real time extension for windows called RTX.

      Anyway, when I installed and activated RH 6 I was in single core mode. When I start RH it launches immediately. If I now boot into dual core mode and start RH the CSRSS process uses all of one core for about 5 minutes before RH will launch.

      I called Adode technical support as I had visions of having to transfer the activation between these two boot scenarios. But the support guy told me that RH wasn't guarenteed to work on multicore CPU's. As apart from the lengthy startup delay, I've not experienced any problems using RH on my PC I'm disinclined to believe this.

      Is anyone else using a multicore CPU PC without any problems?

      Mick Mathers