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      hey all




      I am trying to lean air an was looking at "Wrox Press Adobe AIR create-modify-reuse."  it seems to be written for with AIR v1.  I am using Flash builder 4 and AIR 2.0 I believe.




      In the book it has the following code:


      <mx:MenuBar id="myMenuBar" labelField="@label"


                          left="0" top="0" right="0" tabEnabled="false"


                          itemClick="onItemClick(event);" >




                <menuitem label="File" >


                <menuitem label="New"/>


                <menuitem label="Open"/>


                <menuitem label="Save"/>


                <menuitem label="Save As..."/>










      When I switch to design view I get the following in the Menu Bar:


      “Gone component 183” 


      If I delete the XMLlist and all its sub menuitems that goes away.


      Also, when I do code hinting in Flash builder no XMLlist seems to come up as one of the choices.




      It this removed and replaced with something else in version 2.0?


      Thanks a bunch guys