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    Trial performance


      I've been playing with the Pre9 trial for he last couple of days, using DV-AVI footage captured with Pre9 via FireWire.  Early on, I was frustrated by numerous crashes -- the program would stop working and I would get the message along the lines of: "Premiere Elements 9 has stopped working.  Windows is trying to find a solution."  And then it would just close.  I downloaded updated video card drivers and the most recent version of QuickTime and, knock wood, no more crashes.  


      Even so, the performance still seems a bit sluggish compared to Pre4.  Playback in the preview window seems choppy and I've noticed that during playback, the CTI seems to get "decapitated."  The cursor "head" (above the line that indicates if the clip needs to be rendered) will lag behind the main part of the red line as it moves down the timeline.  I also noticed that when moving things around on the timeline I'll occasionally get some funky artifacts left behind.  Is that normal?


      Here are my specs:  Core i3 @ 2.93GHz, Windows 7, 64 bit; 6 GB RAM; 256 MB Nvidia GeForce 6600 video card; two 1 TB internall HDD.


      I feel like my system should be robust enough to run the program smoothly, but playback and timeline performance just seem a bit sluggish.  Any thoughts or suggestions?