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    stupid transition bug... black square appears




      I am not very experienced with flash at all... but I wanted to make a nice slide show swf file to go on a CD of images I am creating for someone. I figured out how to put them all in layers, do motion tweening on each after they'd been converted to symbols, brought the color>alpha to zero at frame one and brought it up or down at the right times to fade in and then out.




      except it only works on the stage. I can press play and it looks great... but if I test movie or test scene, or even if I export the movie, it doesn't work at all.


      As soon as the slides begin a mysterious black square appears. It seems to have something to do with the actual fading in or out. It's not a layer that wasn't set at alpha= 0... I checked and double checked them all. I can't see anything amiss.


      I checked the tutorials I could find and nothing seems to be missing and yet, it isn't working so something must be wrong or done incorrectly. I don't understand why I can only see it on testing and not during playback