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    Drag Drop between different Flex 3 DataGrids

    Sen Imagines



      I am using a Flex 3 <mx:TileList> component with a itemRenderer (myItemRend) in my work.

      In the myItemRend file, I use a <mx:Canvas> as the itemRenderer


      In the Canvas, I use a <mx:DataGrid>


      I use an external XML file as the data source.

      Once I get the XML data from a <mx:HTTPService>, I wrap it in a <mx:XMLListCollection> and I provide this as the dataProvider for <mx:TileList>


      The DataGrid, which is in the itemRenderer of the TileList, displays the data corresponding to the nodes in the XMLListCollection (and the data has to be changed as a result of the drag-drop operations in the DataGrid)


      I set:

      dragEnabled="true" dropEnabled="true" dragMoveEnabled="true" properties of the DataGrid so that items can be drag-dropped with-in the items in the DataGrid & also between different DataGrids.


      When I make a Drag-Drop between the DataGrids, the items are not moved between the DataGrids.

      On viewing the <mx:XMLListCollection> after making this operation, the drag-dropped items are missing from the list.


      Can I know how to reflect the updated data in the <mx:XMLListCollection> as a result of the drag-drop operation between different <mx:DataGrid>'s ?