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    A network error occure while accessing this document

    mrprabhu Level 1


      I am getting the error "A network error occured while accessing this document on interntet. Would you like to close the document or reload it?".


      I have tried re-installations etc.. but none helped.


      Please let me know if anyone has encountered this problem and overcome it.


      Using Adobe Reader 9.3.2 and opening from ESS/MSS application.




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          Haehle Level 1

          I have users in my organization who are sporadically having the same problem too. Would love it if anyone out there has a solution to this problem. In the meantime, I'm going to try to troubleshoot myself and see if I can come up with a workaround or a solution.

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            Haehle Level 1

            I figured out what the problem is. There is a setting in the user's IE browser and Adobe program that is causing the PDF form to open in a browser window in IE instead of in Adobe Reader. The form we're using is too big to load in a browser and must be loaded in Adobe Reader instead. To fix the problem, the user needs to make the following changes to his/her settings:


            1. In Adobe, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. Under 'Internet', make sure the box for 'Display PDF in browser' is unchecked. Click OK to save your changes.


            2. In IE, go to the Tools menu and click on 'Manage Add-ons'. Then, click on Adobe Reader and click the Disable button. I think this should disable the built-in Reader in IE, so PDFs will have to open in Reader instead of in the browser.


            Once our users changed these settings they were able to access our form online.


            Hope this helps!