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    formatting XML createElement createTextNode not recognized

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      I'm new to Air.  Working in AS3, I am trying to write data to an xml file.  Using createElement and createTextNode to format the data produces a warnign that they are not a "recognized method of the dynamic class XML"  So I guess the first question is whether these methods are not supported when using air?  Second, how would I format XML data in air otherwise?  I'd appreciate any help you can offer.


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          This is a pretty old question, I realize, but since I was just monkeying with this today, I figured I'd go ahead and post my result.


          createElement and createTextNode is gone.


          instead use:


          var xmlNode:XMLNode = new XMLNode(XMLNodeType.ELEMENT_NODE,"NODE_NAME");


          NODE_NAME being whatever you intended to name that node.  that creates <NODE_NAME/>


          then you can do all the normal stuff like


          xmlNode.attributes.VALUE = "75";

          to make the node

          <NODE_NAME VALUE="75"/>


          var secondNode:XMLNode = new XMLNode(XMLNodeType.ELEMENT_NODE,"CHILD_NODE");



          looks like:



          hope this helps someone in the same pickle.