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    RH6 projects compatible with RH4?

      I have a client for whom I am building a Help Guide, and they want the RH project file, not just the published file. They are adamant about not upgrading to the latest version of RH, and have version 4. If I give them the project from 6, will they be able to open it and make changes from RH4?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi mcardle418 and welcome to the RH forums. Two things.

          Firstly RH has changed considerarbly from version 4 to where it is today. One of those changes is that the main project file went from a MPJ file to an XPJ file. Opening a project from the MPJ file when it was created using an XPJ file can be done but there are implications. Click here for a list of these.

          Secondly you are limiting what you can do with your help project. If you use a feature implementing in a later version, they will not be able to change it. Indeed they may even have problems trying to open the project.