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    AI importation - when is a drawing too 'compex' (errors & bugs)


      Hello there...


      I am undertaking a project to make a basic 'interactive' campus map using Catalyst based on the tutorial by Terry White at the 'Adobe Creative Suite Podcast' on making an interactive map with Catalyst. Link: 'Create an Interactive Map using Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5'


      However, as this is the first time I have used Catalyst (or FLASH) for a project I am experiencing some import problems which seem to be to do with the complexity of my Adobe Illustrator map drawing. Here is what the map looks like when it is imported...



      Ignoring my rudamentary test navigation (!) you get an idea of how complex the map is - my problems are:


      1) On attempting to import Catalyst does warn me about teh complexity and asks me to optomize the graphics from teh HUD once it does go in (which takes a few minutes)...


      2) Even once it is imported and has been optomized the map seems to cause Catalyst problems and there have been a few crashes when I have attempted to move and resize the map to show zoomed views on new pages.


      3) On importing I am finding bugs in some of the vector lines - some line come in at the wrong stroke weight and even when I try round-tripping back to Illustrator the weight will not change and I have had to simply delete them.


      4) All of the lines appear to be very heavy in the 100% Flash view, even though in reality they are only 0.25pts in weight!


      BASICALLY - am I asking too much from Catalyst? Is this complex isometric map just not going to work?


      I should say I have a 'plan B' which is that I have redrawn the map as a simplified top down diagram instead, would this be more suitable?


      Size of the iso map is 694 pixels wide and teh ai file is 401kb big.