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    Fireworks wont paste image at 0,0

    sargeantKK Level 1



      I always thought this was a bug in FW CS3 and have lived with it for a long time.

      However, FW CS5 does exactly the same thing, so either it's a bug or there's some method in the madness that I'm unaware of.


      On a windows XP PC, I press "Print Screen" to grab a screen shot that I want to crop, add notes to and email to someone.

      In FW I do File > New and the screen resolution is automatically recognised so I press OK

      Hit CTRL-V and the screen grab is pasted into FW - great !

      However, it always pastes the image at X-183 Y-158 and I have to go and edit  the X and Y properties every time.


      Why does it do this ? I can't see any reasonable explanation for a new file and newly pasted image to be offset (fair enough - offset subsequently pasted images)


      Thanks and hope someone can shed some light on this annoyance