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    AIR/Windows 7 Onscreen Keyboard

    jasenm Level 1



      Any reason why the onscreen keyboard would stop working when a TextInput is being focused?


      * AIR 2.03

      * Flex SDK 3.4

      * j3500 Motion Computing tablet (http://www.motioncomputing.com.au/products/tablet_pc_J35.asp)


      The onscreen keyboard is the default version that comes with windows 7 Professional...The interesting thing is we did not have this issue in the AIR app in the past up until the our latest app update.


      There are no definatley no programmical modifications to the default focus behaviour of any text editable fields or anything that would interrupt the default behaviour of the flash/air integration with the onscreen keyboard and the operating system....it should be transparent AIR/Windows 7 function and totally out of our hands...


      The soft keyboard will still enter text into input fields, however the keyboard needs to be manually opened. The standard behaviour was...when the wacom pen tapped into a text input, a keyboard icon would appear next to the input and open the keyboard over the AIR app, now that does not work..


      We are really at a lose with this issue and need to know which direction to look into. The tablet has all windows and motion computing specific updates applied to it...and can be replicated on other tablets etc..


      We have not tried linux or mac installations troubleshooting because do not have direct access.


      Any ideas much appreciated.