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    AE is ignoring my Color depth render settings - CS5 bug?

    Clint Porter Level 1

      I often use 32 bit lighting effects, but now I'm having a weird issue with 32 bit rendering.


      In the past, I've always worked in 8 bit (for speed) but set my render settings to 32 bit. But starting just recently, AE is ignoring the Render Settings and uses my project setting instead.So if I have my project set to 8 bit and I set my render to 32 bit, I get an 8 bit render. If I set my project to 32 bit and duplicate the render module, it will render in 32 bit.


      In other words, I'm setting the render to "32 bits per channel", but AE is treating it as if I had set it to "Current Settings". Any idea what's causing this?


      It started in the last month or two, so I wonder if it was introduced in one of the minor CS5 updates.