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    Problem importing PSD or PNG with transparent background

    Eric Fields

      I am using eLearning Suite 2. (CP5 Photoshop CS5)


      I am trying to import a PSD or PNG. I am using it as part of a master slide.  It is a simple shape, with a transparent background containing a gradient overlay, inner shadow, bevel and emboss.  When imported, it appears correctly in the design area of Captivate.  However, when viewed in the browser, it acts as if it is an animation and I get what looks like a red color bar spectrum.  I have tried to flatten the layers and I still have the problem.  When I save it as a .JPG, it works fine.  However, as a PSD or PNG, it is a problem.  Seems like captivate may be having trouble rendering the gradient or transparent background.  Anyone else run into this issue?


      Files below:

      CPTX File:  http://coventry.mzinga.com/content/ss/temp/WCMS.cptx

      PSD File: http://coventry.mzinga.com/content/ss/temp/bottom_wave.psd