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    FlashBuilder TextEditor text selection color properties

    Devtron Level 3



      I normally  customize any IDE I work in to use color coding. I really hate white  backgrounds and black text. I normally adjust it to colors that I  prefer.


      I have everything setup how I like it, but I have one problem with highlighting syntax.


      I  notice when you double click an object in code, Flashbuilder will  highlight all matching references to that object. That's fine, but now  that Ive changed my color scheme I cannot figure out how to change the  highlighting color.


      It's really annoying and unreadable, look:



      Which  Text Editor attribute is this? I cant figure it out, and Ive adjusted  many. This makes it really hard to read, can I disable this behaviour?  If not, where in the Preferences can I change the color for this?


      SELECTION FOREGROUND and BACKGROUND is not the solution and Ive tried that already.


      Thanks guys!