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    Which GPU is right for me?


      I'm making short videos for the web using Premiere Elements 9 on a 32-bit Windows OS with 4 GB RAM. The software runs fine, but I want to see what I can do to optimize my station's graphic computing. I am in the market to buy a GPU or anything that will speed up the rendering process. I am not as experience with this type of hardware and would like some feedback on some afforable graphics card that I can have installed easily and will keep the editing going smoothly without waiting 10 minutes for it to render. Which GPU is right for my purposes? Thanks!

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          PrE does not fully utilize the newer high-powered GPU's, like PrPro CS5 does, so you will likely not get that much improvement with Rendering, just with the GPU. A new CPU and great, optimized I/O sub-system (your HDD's, their controller type and how you have them allocated).


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