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    Advice on motion graphics

    Deaner77 Level 1

      I took a video clip of a truck driving toward me then when it is about 15 feet away, it turns at 90 degrees and keeps driving so I can see the side of the truck. I have a logo that I want to "pin" to the side of the truck then when the truck turns, I want the logo to fly off the truck and fill the screen for the viewer. Is there a "cool" way to have that logo track with the truck or am I destined to hand key the logo. (I've never done anything like this before)





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You want to do what's called corner pinning: basically, you "pin" four corners of a graphic or video clip to four points in a background clip, and then distort the pinned clip to match the perspective of the background. CS5 has a Corner Pin effect, but you'll have to keyframe it manually. If you have After Effects, you can do this a bit more automatically using tracking (either the built in tracker or Mocha), but the learning curve is going to be steeper. This effect shouldn't be too difficult to manually keyframe, so I'd try it out there, first.

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            shooternz Level 6

            From experience I think the only way is in AEFX.  Using Trackers.   (or MOCHA)


            The truck movement  will be far from linear  so the tracking points will be all over the place and kind of  3D  (2.5D)


            I have tried manual tracking plus  corner pin in PPRO.  Its very difficult and results were never optimal.


            I would love a basic Tracker in PPRO.  (particularly for graphics / subject relationships). I would love invertable and featerable garbage mattes as well!

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Yep. After Effects is the right tool for this job.


              Here's a quick article to show how to do it with mocha and After Effects. I found that with this Community Help search.


              There's plenty of information on motion tracking here, including an overview and tutorials.


              We can help on the After Effects forum.

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                Igor Valentovitch Level 1

                The After Effects will do the tracking nicely for you.

                If you have access to the book 'Adobe After Effects CS3 Classroom in a Book' (available online in the public libraries in Canada)

                the tracking drill is very well explained on p.407 and is kind of similar to your project.