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    Create interactive nav for mockup


      I've created a mockup in FW. See it at the link below




      I have it so clicking on the individual pages shows the nav system as it would appear in it's up/down state for each page.I would now like to set this up so I can export a clickable interactive mockup. I'm thinking of exporting both html and pdf versions.


      I've read through the help but I'm a bit confused as to how I should go about this. If I understand correctly one would create one button/tab, then turn it into a symbol and then create instances of the symbol for the other nav buttons/tabs. Then an interactive slice would be created over each button. The up, hover and down states would be defined in the behavior panel. Is this the correct process/workflow?


      I hope to have the exported interactive mockup mimic what happens when selecting the different pages in the mockup as I currently have it. (see link above). So the current selected page has the tab up and the label text blue. The unselected pages have the tabs embossed down and the label text white. When hovering over an unselected Tab I want the text to turn blue. When clicking the Tab then becomes up (emboss is turned off in properties panel) and the text remains blue, the previous selected tab gets the emboss down effect and the text turns to white.


      Is it possible for me to turn what I've already made into symbols and instanced symbols and assign the behaviors? Or is there a better process I might follow to achieve this?


      TIA for any help!