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    PE9-Dialog boxes unusable via mouse


      From the very first dialog box that pops up when creating a new project through any other dialog boxes, I cannot select any field or drop-down in the boxes. For instance, when asked to name the project, it is pre-highlighted and I can type a new name. However if I make a mistake or want to change the name, the mouse is not able to place a cursor anywhere in the field. If I want to select a folder to save the project in, other than the default, the mouse cannot pull-down the field to choose a new location. If I want to choose "Yes" for the whole dialog box, the mouse does not activate the Yes button when clicked. I can press "Enter" on the keyboard and the dialog box accepts the yes answer.


      When the new project starts, I can select media, edit timelines, select any feature in the project with the mouse just fine. However, any subsequent dialog box that opens will not accept, or react to, any mouse input.


      Weird, huh?


      Any ideas on what's causing this problem?  Here are specs.:


      win 7-64 bit

      12GB ram

      Core i7 940 processor on EVGA X58 motherboard

      Wired Logitech G5 laser mouse

      Gigabyte GTX 465 video card (258.96 WHQL driver)


      I've reinstalled PE9 once after initial install. Same problem.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks, Cantonman