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    Spry Caused Crash

      I was using the spry tabbed panels when all of a sudden DW crashed. I tried to open DW again and it shut down again before opening all the way. I then reinstalled DW and same thing happened. I uninstalled DW, restarted my computer, installed DW, restarted my computer again, opened up DW and as it was opening and redoing the site cache form the site file... it crashed again. I had DW rebuild the Configuration folder.. same thing happened. I deleted all relevant files to the cache and it did it again.

      Finally, I deleted the Spry Assets folder, which had 2 files in it, and DW was able to finish caching the site again. I noticed it was the Spry folder because when it was caching the site alphabetically it would stop at that one.

      Is anyone else having issues with Spry stuff? Is it really a stable feature in DW CS3?