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    Car project - I need your help ;)


      Hello everyone!
      So I'm working at this car project wich so far look like this:


      Alright so I'm kind of a beginner with flash but here's the things I want to create:


      I want to press a button and the car will be shooting from the side, so I have the movieclip with the gunfire, how do I attach this to the car or do I just make a copy of the car but with a gunfire image put to the side?


      But then I need the code for that


      And when the fire hits the police car I want it to explode so I guess I'm gonna have a movie clip with an explosion also. But how do I make it appear and ofcourse the police car must dissapear also.
      And once again it's the code I need help with


      And the police cars should keep coming and coming when the others are destroyed so that there are new ones all the time. (Code please)


      As you can see now you get points for everytime you crash into the police car. Is it posible to get points for every car that explodes?


      Also one thing is important, when you shoot I want a sound there so I could really need a code that plays a sound when shooting and when cars expload.


      And that's pretty much it
      So what I need is the code for those things, would be really nice.


      If you just could help me with one thing I would be greatful, but I'm sure any idea will come handy


      Sorry for bad english and thank you very much.