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    FB4 Implicit Paging: Any way to force current page  to refresh its values from server?

    RobX82 Level 1

      I have a datagrid that I am using the new Flash Builder 4 implicit paging feature on.  Currently if a user clicks a grid item and modifies its values in a popup i want to force the current page of the datagrid to retrieve those values from my server again.


      Here is the scenario I want to reslove:

      Say I have a 1000 records to be shown in the grid but I have utilized implicit paging and only show 100 records at a time.  Say the user has scrolled down and they are now seeing the page containing records 300-399.  If the user changes a value concerning one of the records in 300-399 I want that "page" to be refreshed from the server side data. 


      Now i have tested updating the data directly in the grid but have run into an issue.  Say I change a value displayed in the grid on the client side, now if I get data from the server again it will only reflect what i changed earlier and not what is actually coming from the server.