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    Flex SEO

    laxmidi Level 1



      I've got a Flex site that's been up for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I'm not getting any traffic. Crickets are chirping. The PageRank is 0.


      Unfortunately, I don't have any inbound links, yet.


      I've submitted the site to Google with a sitemap. Most of the site is dynamic. I pull data from a database. I've enabled deeplinking. And I used the urls to the "pages" to produce the sitemap. I used hyphenated keywords for the "pages'" titles. Google's webmaster tools has a green checkmark for the sitemap's status. It says that 116 URLs were submitted and 0 have been indexed.


      I know that Flex isn't too great for SEO. But, I'm getting a bit nervous. What should I do to improve the SEO? Obviously, inbound links and great content are critical.


      If anyone else has run into a similar problem or has suggestions on how to improve the SEO, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.


      Thank you.



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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          If SEO is important don't use Flex / Flash Player.


          I'd also recommend that you plan to market your site in ways other than SEO.  ( Put it on biz cards, put it in your signature [and post in relevant forums], buy advertising, start a blog / twitter account / FB page,  )

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            aktell2007 Level 1


            Hi there,



            To read your thread makes me a little smile !!!



            First up to say would be that you should have your SEO sorted before publishing your app. and next up would be that your assumption of FLEX not being right for SEO is to my personal opinion totally wrong !!! because there is the compiler and using it is imperative to have a successful SEO with your Flex app.



            Robots read before anything else on a Flash/Flex page the compiler arguments which also means that the important part of your app. is the index page !!! and looking at your index page means that you have to have it set up right with the important tags.


            I have around 160 tags I’m using not counting other lines which are included as content around another 100 lines.


            SEO can be hard work, but it can be worse your while especialy with FLEX !!!


            Research, research, research


            regards aktell

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              laxmidi Level 1

              Hi aktell2007,


              Thank you for the post. When you wrote:


              "I have around 160 tags I’m using not counting other lines which are included as content around another 100 lines." what did you mean?


              Are you referring to lots of keywords in metadata? Can you give me an example of what you mean?


              Thank you for the help.



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                rtalton Level 4

                Check out any web site using Flex, and "view source" to see how the metadata tags are implemented. SEO-wise, we have great results against very large companies in our market. Our addy is: http://www.anaheimjobs.com/

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                  aktell2007 Level 1

                  Hi there,


                  Did needed you some time to answer this one. Had fergotten about it already !

                  Anyway, I did wrote lines which has nothing to do with keywords or else, these are lines where each of them is a 'meta tag' or a 'meta http tag' like for example these two.

                  <meta name="distribution"     content="global"/>

                  <meta http-equiv="expires"    content="never"/>


                  Now 'rtalton' was so kind sending his web address http://www.anaheimjobs.com/ to have look at, and so I did. This was coming up for me:

                  Please 'rtalton'no offence using your stuff on my site the SEO is 16 month old, and I'm working on the new set up at the moment. I just have never enough time for my own site !


                  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />


                  **** Title: VERY-VERY MEANINGLESS TITLE - NOT MEANINGFUL AT ALL. ****

                  <title>Welcome to the AnaheimJOBS web site</title>


                  **** Keywords: THE WORD IN BOLD ARE JUST TO MANY OF THE SAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN. ****

                  <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="anaheimjobs, jobs anaheim, anaheim jobs, anaheim job, anaheim job search,

                  anaheim job listing, anaheim job listings, job assistance, job training, anaheim work, anaheim working,

                  working anaheim, anaheim careers, anaheim career, career anaheim, careers anaheim, career, career guidance, career assistance, human resources, employee recruitment, recruitment, employer, employers, unemployed, unemployment, layoff, economy, economic stimulus, downsizing, downsize, occupation, occupational, skills, talent, education, vocation, vocational, resume, job application, help finding job, find job, back to work, help finding workers, skilled labor, labor force, job posting, post a job, job fit, right job, job match, industry, job order, employer incentives, business incentives, business stimulus, main street, anaheim growth, anaheim opportunity, anaheim stimulus, orange county, anaheim, workforce, training, work, investment, board, anaheim workforce investment board, anaheim wib, one-stop, jobs, job, workforce, employment, youth training, labor, workforce investment act, job training partnership act, WIA, AWIB, JTPA">



                  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">



                  **** FOR EXAMPLE THESE WORDS - 'promote a comprehensive network of resources and services' ****

                  <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Anaheim Workforce Investment Board (WIB),
                  a business-led board that provides the leadership necessary to develop, direct,
                  and promote a comprehensive network of resources and services for area businesses
                  as well as adults and youth looking for employment.">

                  **** Author:


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                    aktell2007 Level 1

                    SORRY, about the formatting it made quiet a mess out of it. Unfortunately

                    a lot of the thread has disapeared and I did not save it !!! Just have not the time to re write SORRY!


                    regards aktell2007

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                      rtalton Level 4

                      Hi aktell2007...

                      I was adressing laxmidi, the original poster's question. I'm not sure what your critique means as your grasp of English is poor, however, I will point out that our website has very good Google page ranking --against many private companies offering paid  services-- so you could probably learn a thing or two about Search  Engine Optimization from it. And you may have gleaned that this is a government web site, not a business selling a product or service, so the purposes are very different.


                      If you have examples to offer laxmidi, please share with the rest of us your insight into Flex application SEO. I'd love to see them  myself.


                      Thank you for your interest in  our web site, and I hope you return often.

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                        laxmidi Level 1

                        Hi rtalton,


                        Thank you very much for your example. Apologies for the delay in replying.


                        I'm going to add the meta tags as you've suggested.


                        One question: did you submit a sitemap to Google? If so, I'd love to look at it. Is it necessary for a Flex site?


                        Again, I appreciate your help. Thnak you!



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                          laxmidi Level 1

                          Hi aktell2007,


                          Thank you for your message. Do you have any SEO suggestions?



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                            Lee Burrows Level 4

                            assuming that you are using swfobject to embed your swf in the html page, you can put SEO friendly content in the alternative content part (ie: what users see if they dont have flash). Google will index this easily.


                            i think http://tv.adobe.com/show/flash-search-engine-optimization may help you

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                              Rajan Shah

                              I am working one eCommerce website. [edited by host] I would like to add Flash on my home page. But, I am worried about current organic ranking on Google. Can I use any best method which can make my site attracitive plus maintain similar rank over Google?



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                                aktell2007 Level 1


                                Well; I spend a fair amount of time looking at this site and it's Analysis, and I believe you only could greatly improve on that 60. 000 +

                                ranking and it’s 4.000 + visits a day !!! If you would get somebody to put together a decent SEO for your pages and Link your pages within !



                                On the other hand it will make NO difference 'As Is' if you use Flash or Flex in your sites address as at the moment it has NO usable directive for SEO anyway it is all pulled out of your text with one main Search Phrase – Office Chairs.



                                I think you have done a lot of social media, but which is not that successful ? is it ? Site search is not that impressive either, and if you take the word spider away it looks rather bleak with everybody in front of your site and your site actually not even showing in some.



                                OK, checking a few other sites of competitors of yours it looks the very same, and that is where you can get them and have leverage over them !



                                Regards aktell2007

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                                  Gregory Lafrance Level 6

                                  Maybe I'm being naive about using Flex for web sites, but my understanding is that if you want to win the SEO wars, don't create your web site in Flex. If you don't mind having your site #100 in a Google search maybe Flex for your web site is okay, but using some of the SEO techniques mentioned in this thread and other techniques, can you really get a Flex web site in the top 10 or 20 Google search hits?


                                  I just don't get the impression that Flex is for web site development.

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                                    learner_doug Level 1

                                    Even with pure html sites, it is very difficult to rank high in the search engines without a lot of very hard (continuous) work.  Of course a rank of 0 can easily be avoided with the suggestion in this post.  I have found that business managers get too excited about search engine rankings (unless your job is a SEO specialist) and they forget about the ultimate goal:  promotion/sales of products/services.   I really like all the ideas in this post:


                                    • Do what you can with Flex/meta-tags etc. (adobe has made good progress making the flash player search engine "compatible".
                                    • Use other non-search engine promotion suggested in this post (blogs, twitter, conventions, Google Ad words, local/regional "yellow pages",

                                    biz-cards etc. )

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                                      Gregory Lafrance Level 6

                                      Okay, then I guess it boils down to whether or not your business by design depends on SEO to generate business. In that case Flex might not be the best web site solution. If SEO is not worth the effort for your business, then Flex web sites may be an option.

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                                        aktell2007 Level 1


                                        Hi there,


                                        Welcome to SEO the subject which is governed worldwide by Bs from the very top, and everybody most defiantly disagrees.



                                        But I do agree with Gregory that Flex is not always suited for every type of web site especially for commercial web sites, but I do disagree that you can’t get a Flex site (any full body Flex site – large or small) into the big picture with SEO. I have found that it is absolutely perfectly suited for that even more so than Html because of one simple thing (Search Engines, Spiders etc. ‘READ’ Compiler Meta Tags first) even before they read the Html any tags ! Therefore a well written compiler configuration file can do real magic !


                                        On the other hand people do just read too much into this big G brainwash type taking over the world thing, and forgetting that there are many-many more Search Engines which help big G and you long the way !



                                        Now, I do disagree so with ‘learner doug’ that it is difficult to get your foot into the door with SEO – not at all, but I agree it can be hard work in the beginning but these days not any longer continuously.

                                        Into days world your sites SEO is a very big part of this big world of social media networking, and therefore it should be a very big part and included into your companies ‘Promotions, Sales and Services etc.’


                                        I would like to say to anybody out there doing there sites SEO privately or commercially ‘It should NOT cost a cent at all’ when you do your site set up before it is online - just your time, but if your site is already active online well that could cost you some money as somebody has to spend time to get your site there back where it should have been in the first place and be Re-Acknowledged.


                                        Regards aktell2007

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                                          laxmidi Level 1

                                          Hi rtalton,


                                          Does anaheimjobs.com use a database? My site has a mysql database and most of my "content" is the database. Did you find a way to make your database info visible to Google?


                                          Thank you.



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                                            rtalton Level 4

                                            Hi laxmidi,

                                            I keep lots of business information/records in SQL Server, but the static textual "content" you see in all the views are in xml files, including the menus, accordians, video player, news ticker and app configurations, etc. Not sure if Google can use those; I would guess not, but it's only a guess.

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                                              Hi Laxmidi,


                                              did you manage to come up with any viable solution? im in the same boat as you, except i am at the starting point weighting up the pros and cons of using Flex for public facing apps that will likely need to have SEO capabilities equal to (or as close to) as standard HTML sites.


                                              to date (Jan 2010) most of the info i can find seems to be from 2008, nearly 3 years ago. there doesnt seem to be any recent and relevant info on the subject. the closest seems to be to somehow 'layer' over SWF content on top of a standard HTML page (within the source) but,


                                              a) i have no idea how this would be accomplished

                                              b) would the bots read the source, or the actual flash app?


                                              with regards to b), from what ive read here:



                                              this seems to indicate that putting text in the source would not be needed as "Googlebot can index almost any text a user can see as they interact with any Flash SWF file on your site". im not 100% sure what this means exactly. would it cover data pulled in from a service call/database (NOT external) ???

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                                                laxmidi Level 1

                                                Hi Jujhimup,


                                                Sorry for the delay in replying. I haven't found a viable solution, yet.


                                                Like you, I've found that most of the posts on the topic are a few years old. Is Flex waning or growing?


                                                And I don't understand the layering strategies that a few sites have suggested, either. Nor have I seen a working example of the layering strategy.


                                                I really like the ease with which Flex allows you to add movement to objects on the screen and add effects. But, in many respects, I wish that I had used HTML/Javascript as:


                                                     1) SEO works better.


                                                     2) All web technologies are designed to work with HTML/Javascript. Using Flex, I feel like I'm the red headed step-child of the web world.


                                                     3) If your site needs ads, all of the ad networks work with HTML/Javascript; and getting them to work with Flex has been a nightmare. In the end, I just went ahead and used iFrames.


                                                Unfortunately, I only know Flex. But, I'm studying Javascript now.


                                                I stored my info in a mySQL db and when my site loads, text is pulled from it. From the explanations that Google has provided, I'm still not clear whether this text is visible to the Googlebot.


                                                I hope that other folks join on this thread and share their thoughts.


                                                Thank you.



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                                                  One_Life Level 1

                                                  Hi Laxmidi,


                                                  I just wanted to say I hope you keep going on with this.  I'm in a similar quandry as you are (and I think many developers).


                                                  E.g. I had spent time learning the popular jQuery JavaScript toolkit, and needed to rotate a CD as it comes out of a case for a marketing piece on a site.  WHAT A PAIN IN THE ***.  I spent at least a day or more on it, and found I couldn't get the same solution to work across all browsers.  I started to look at other toolkits that draw directly on to the canvas (HTML5).


                                                  So, while SEO may be some work on Flex / Flash, there are many people working it and perhaps solving it, because the "other stuff" is such a pain in the xyz, and it is so nice to have a rich, type-checked, programming interface that Adobe is leading by incrementally moving along in so many key areas, i.e. the IDE, the language itself, the runtime machine, the many platforms it can all run on, and good / fast documentation sets --  things that are spread out and dispersed "on the net / web" (or not even addressed), into a huge hodge-podge and mismash of stuff, that is often a total headache to get working across browsers, especiaally as one pushes the envelope into animation and multimedia, where Adobe is king at this time, and seemingly, pushing hard, fast.  E.g. they are not beholdened to any Web standard standard body / slow adoption, and misapplication of standards (e.g. MS and its browsers), but can move things along rapidly in platorm, IDE, language, documentation, etc.

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                                                    First things first,to everyone who says that if you want SEO for your application don't use Flex or Flash:guys please do your homework,I did mine.

                                                    To keep it short,for anyone interested here is my Flex SEO tutorial-(View source enabled,you can download the whole Flex Project and study it).It's a Flex 4 application that uses SWFAddress and PHP to serve html content to web crawlers.Does it work?Well just google for keywords 'Flex SEO',you will see my tutorial on the first page of results (it ranks number 5 at the moment,no1 is this forum thread...).



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                                                      miguel8312 Level 3


                                                      just to be sure it this the post you are referring to ?

                                                      • 26. Re: Flex SEO. Down
                                                        drumaddict71 Level 1


                                                        Flex-Flash SEO Showcase and Tutorial Site by Spiros Kabasakalis


                                                        I had the link in my original post,but someone removed it.Makes no sense....

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                                                          laxmidi Level 1

                                                          Hi One_LIfe,


                                                          Thank you very much for the links. I appreciate the help.



                                                          I've already enabled deeplinking on my site.


                                                          I hope that Google improves their indexing of Flash content significantly!


                                                          Perkins, who made Lynda's Flash SEO course, has a book out, which I've got.


                                                          (Unfortunately, the first link didn't work. I checked on O'Reilly, but no luck).


                                                          I've added my email to the Flash SEO Tool's mailing list.


                                                          Thank you.



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                                                            laxmidi Level 1

                                                            Hi drumaddict71,


                                                            Thank you for your post. I checked out your site and its got some interesting ideas. I've got a few questions:


                                                            a) I set-up deep linking following Adobe's example, which doesn't use SWF Object. Without SWF Object, is it possible to re-write the URLs (removing the #) as you've done?


                                                            b) Does Google index your Flash/Flex pages that have the # removed and the URL re-written? Or are they indexing the HTML content from the page that appears when javascript is turned off?


                                                            c) How do you re-write the URLs without the #?


                                                            Thank you for helping me.



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                                                              drumaddict71 Level 1

                                                              Hi Laxmidi,




                                                              a) I set-up deep linking following Adobe's example, which doesn't use SWF Object. Without SWF Object, is it possible to re-write the URLs (removing the #) as you've done?


                                                              I assume you mean SWF Address not SWF Object(SWF Object is used to embed flash in  in a web page).SWF Address has nothing to do with the rewriting,

                                                              the .htaccess file does the rewriting(I explain this in the tutorial-step 6).


                                                              b) Does Google index your Flash/Flex pages that have the # removed and the URL re-written? Or are they indexing the HTML content from the page that appears when javascript is turned off?


                                                              You are right,the webcrawlers look in the html page for content.If you view the source of the webpage (not the flex application's source-the webpage's source),

                                                              there is a div with id of 'con',that has the same content as the flex application.As you navigate in the Flex application,the content of this div in the underlying webpage changes accordingly (it mirrors the swf content).This is done with PHP.This is picked up by the web crawlers.It doesn't matter if javascript or flash is turned on or off.The webpage is always there.


                                                              c) How do you re-write the URLs without the #?


                                                                As I said,the rewritting is done by the .htaccess file.





                                                              I suggest that you follow step by step the whole process ,to digest it.It may be a little complex at first,but you will get it sooner or later.



                                                              Hope I helped.




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                                                                laxmidi Level 1

                                                                Hi drumaddict71,


                                                                Thanks so much for your explanation. It's becoming a bit clearer. I need to study your solution some more.


                                                                You're right. I meant SWF Address not SWF Object.


                                                                One question: Your tutorial mentioned that the source files were visible. But, if I go to: http://podk.org/flash-flex-SEO/#/seo/flex-seo-tutorial/ and look at source, I only see the HTML, not the Flex source. How do I view the .htaccess, datasource.php? Sorry for the basic question.


                                                                Again, thank you for your help.



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                                                                  drumaddict71 Level 1

                                                                  Hi Laxmidi,

                                                                  You cannot see these files online because you are not supposed to,for security reasons.Why don't you download the project source files?all files are included in the zip.Right click view source and then Download Source at the bottom left.Take some time to study the files.The method will become clear if you do this.


                                                                  • 32. Re: Flex SEO. Down
                                                                    laxmidi Level 1

                                                                    Hi drumaddcict71,


                                                                    Thank you for the help. I'll try looking at the files as you've suggested.



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                                                                      daslicht Level 2

                                                                      Here this tutorial shows how to create alternative content for flash applications using php / xml.




                                                                      This seems to be interesting as well :






                                                                      To show the source of a Flex site just right click and select view source

                                                                      From the aboves example it would be:


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                                                                        daslicht Level 2

                                                                        Hello Guys,


                                                                        I just started a Flex-SEO using the HTML5 API which usage is described in James Wards article which can be found here.


                                                                        This experiemnt is online since yesterday and the search results are actually quite good.


                                                                        You can find it here: http://flex-seo.de (I apologize for the slow server, but it's cheap:P)