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    Increased CPU load on running Semi or Full-auto modes ….

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      I have an app. in which I have placed a ViewStack with (16) Tab’s, and I’m using a Timer set up to cycle every five (5) seconds through these VS Tab’s automatically.




      Each VS Tab has an IFrame included to load a particular web site, and I use the auto cycling to not need to go to each Tab manually and wait each time until the page loads before I can use it.


      (Please Note: The IFrame does not need to do anything else other than to show the page – nothing else)




      All works very well on the work computer running the app. with CPU activity of around 20 to 30%, but when I address the app. on the sever I have increased CPU activity starting with around 30% on the first sequence, and running the second Tab sequence it is going up to around 90% in Semi-auto or Full-auto modes with five (5) seconds beak in between Tab switches and between each sequence.




      To explain more in detail I do have six (6) sequences and an arrangement which uses Semi-auto or Full-auto mode (Looping).




      I do use (timerName.reset) instead of (timerName.stop) and have also have used (timerName.removeEventListener ….) as each Timer sequence get called separately.




      If somebody has any ideas what could go on please let me know !!!

      regards aktell2007