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    blur maxiumum size

    The bloke from stoke
      Hi there

      I have been working on a sroller that uses the blur effect so the faster you scroll it the more it blurs. It works fine until the contents of the scroller movieclip exceed about 4000 pixels. Is this because flash has a size limit of an object that it can apply the blur effect to? If so can you overide it or is there a way around this?

      Many thanks

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          Rothrock Level 5
          That is strange that you get to 4000. There is a known limit of 2880 for most things related to the bitmapdata class – filter effects being one of those things.

          I'm guessing your scroller is a collection of smaller clips? And that since it is a scroller you are only showing some part of them either in a smaller viewarea or just across a less than 1000 or so area? (more or less)

          In that case instead of just scrolling the whole thing and keeping them in a giant line. You could perhaps "park" them once they go out of the main viewing area or possibly just turn off their _visible property. Either one would probably help.

          The next problem you are likely to run into is that if the length gets around 8000 and you move it too far one way or the other you may "lose" clips. So I would recommend looking into the "parking" approach.