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    Navigating Btw Screens - Help!

      I have made a two slide, slide presentation with transtions and although I know you can use the arrow keys to navigate to the next slide...is there a way of making it automatically go there after a few seconds?

      do I use actionscript...if so - what and where??

      Please help...any advice appreciated
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          I have never created a slideshow, but changing frames in a flash movie is simply

          _root.gotoAndPlay(frameNumber); or

          If you wanted to change frames after a couple of seconds I would use a setInterval or setTimeout function in the actionscript frame to do either of the above mentioned calls.

          var intervalID = setInterval(changeSlide, 5000) //change frame after 5 seconds

          //after 5 seconds change to the next frame.
          function changeSlide()
          clearInterval(intervalID); //always clear intervals

          Now that is what I would do for a movie or a game. I don't know if a slide show is different.
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            aspidistra Level 1
            However a slide presentation is created without necessarily using the timeline and I haven't - so everything is on the first frame for each slide.

            It comes automatically with the arrow keys navigation ability to navigate backwards or forwards but there has to be another way to use actionscript to go to the next frame?!

            thanks anyway