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    Display ASP.Net page in Adobe Flex Page




      We have a need to integrate with a ASP.Net Web application from within a Adobe Flex page without leaving the Adobe Flex page. We don't want to leave the Adobe page, so we can manage the security, timeouts, and state from within Adobe. Further, ASP.net page is AJAX enabled, so all clicks and interactions done on the ASP.net part of the page has to go back to IIS for process the ASP.net commands.


      In basic HTML world, we can do that using a simple C-Frame.  All clicks and interactions done inside the C-Frame are send back to the page displayed in C-Frame for processing. How can you get the same implemented in a Adobe Flex.  Is there are control like c-frame?  If not, is it possible to build one? If yes, can you help point me in right direction to find help/references that can be used to build such a control?