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    cs4 project loaded as desktop mode in cs5

    CZorn Level 1



      Just made the full upgrade yesterday from cs4 to cs5 on windows 7 from vista using the matrox with max.  Loving the HD editing.  I also tried to open an SD cs4 project in cs5.  While opening, and after the message that tells you it is converting to cs5, I got this message - 'The editing mode used by this sequence could not be loaded.  The sequence will be opened in desktop mode.' So the project opened, I created a new sequence with the matox settings and cut and pasted the original sequence into it.  Any area that had to be rendered went pixelized.  The only way I could get rid of this was to remove all colour correction, effects and transitions.  When I reintroduced them, I ended up with the same result.  I have found a work around, and that is opening a new project and importing the old cs4 project into it rather than just trying to open the cs4 project with cs5.  Rather than using matrox settings, I just rerendered the sequence and it works fine, however, I don't have my program monitor which is controled through matrox.  This will be the last of two SD projects, but wondered if anyone else had this issue.


      Thanks, Christine