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    Adobe Reader deployment via SCCM/Deployment Workbench/WDT


      We're trying to deploy Reader 9.3.4 and basically I have the slipstreamed file and have customized transforms file (MST) to suppress the EULA and disable all Acrobat.com and Adobe Updates.


      The only thing that works is the suppression of the EULA.  The updates are still there and the Acrobat.com account things are still there.


      The weird thing is if I copy off the folder via the share and run the msiexec /i AcroRead.msi TRANSFORMS=AcroRead.mst /qn via the command line - it installs and disables everything perfectly.


      We are deploying brand new computers and via Deployment Workbench (Windows Deployment Toolkit) it will run the installer + the added command line parameters.  The weird thing is that it obviously works since the EULA gets suppressed but the disable updates does not run whatsoever.  It's like it is forgetting to do this and or the proper changes are not taking place.  I even tried adding a registry key via the Adobe Customization Wizard tool but even that did not take.


      Any ideas?


      Computers are Windows XP with SP3.