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    New Update Failed -- How to Recover??


      When I saw the report on a major security patch I opened Adobe Reader 9.3.4 (which I recently updated with the last patch), clicked on Check for Updates, it downloaded the update and then I picked Install.


      It took off just fine but it got to the point where the installer panel said "Removing Short Cuts" and it just hung there, I left it for about 20 minutes to make sure, and also looked at the process and saw it was not using any CPU.


      The update process would not be killed, I also could not kill the process and had to reboot to get past it. If I open Adobe Reader from the short cut it was not able to remove and the shell comes up fine, and I can open PDF's from the Open option in Adobe but can't double-click a PDF and have it open, so it appears to have lost the association. The shell says it is now version


      I just want to know how to unravel it, Adobe Reader is not in Add/Remove Programs anymore and I don't like this halfway state. I have no issue intalling a new version over this one but I don't want a bunch of junk scattered around and the registry entries that seem to be corrupted. Is there a "clean up" tool or super-remover, whatever you call it...


      Thanks for any help.


      For reference:

      HP a362N - 3GHz / 2G RAM

      XP Home Edition SP3 -- (all updates current)

      NIS 2011 -- (current)

      MS Defender -- (current)