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    Starting over

    Daniel Pride Level 1

      I have a web services based logon screen.

      If the log on is successful it returns a value with which to proceed.

      If not I display a dialog saying bad value, try again.

      But every subsequent effort displays the same error dialog, even when the correct values are entered.

      How to I clear it and get a new result event when a new user/pass is entered?



      protected function logOn_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                      UserLogOnResult.token = a_WebService.UserLogOn(userInput.text, passInput.text);
                  protected function UserLogOnResult_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
                          theWarehouse = event.result.Item;
                          Warehouse_Key = theWarehouse.getItemAt(0).Warehouse_key;
                          if(Warehouse_Key == "0000"){
                              Alert.show("No Matching Accounts were found");
                          } else{
                          ListAllResult.token = a_WebService.GetUserInventory(Warehouse_Key);