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    Please analyze my workflow and suggest an alternative?

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      As per a suggestion by 'Shooternz', I am posting a description of my workflow for anyone interested to analyze, and possibly make suggestions?  Its time to abandon parts of this workflow for reasons I will not bring up ( to avoid any more discussion on that topic...lol).

      Here is what I've been doing:



      My primary business is filming sporting events.  I have created a file naming convention for each video file which enables me to recognize 4 main details about a video just by reading the filename:



         an            20100808           445                     234

      (venue)         (date)      (competition#)      (competitor#)


      This naming convention lets me maintain a database of my footage, and thus dynamically deliver my video content on a webpage (in beta), letting competitors search the video library efficiently.  It also ensures that no 2 files will ever have the same name in my NAS.   It seriously speeds up searches, and search accuracy due to the number of parameters.

      This naming convention being used during actual capture phase of my workflow eliminates the need for excessive file renaming and footage cataloging...



      Up to 8 camera's capture straight to disk via a laptop.  The reason I went through laptops was twofold: 

      -I do not have camera's with internal drives, only firewire or to tape. 

      -To enable my cameramen to name files according to the naming convention, (thus saving countless hours cataloging) and also document specific metadata (eg 'bloopers' or 'highlights') in 'OnLocation CS5'.  That way, when I open a video in Premiere for the first time, there is no file renaming or metadata loggin.



      My laptops are all plugged into my network in my mobile office at the end of the day, and transfer their footage to my RAID 10 NAS via a gigabit switch, configured for JumboFrames.    When the transfer is finished, there is no cataloging footage or file renaming needed.



      I've created Premiere and Encore templates (placeholder footage, titles, etc).  I use the media browser to find specific videos on my NAS and drag and drop them into the project panel.  At this point, all that is needed is to click on the templates 'placeholder' video in a sequence and use the 'Replace Clip' function to swap in the actual footage I want.   a few quick trims and PRESTO!    I do this for every round a customer purchases, edit the relevant 'Titles', and then DynamicLink to Encore.


      I have also created a template in Encore, with up to 24 timelines pre made, with my flowchart already linked up, end actions set, button routing configured.   I quickly plug my DynamicLinked Premiere sequences into my encore templates pre-existing timelines.  After all the timelines are filled, I open the the projects menu's in Photoshop and make the necessary changes to the Menu button names, event names etc..


      If a client orders a DVD, I render it.  If the client also wishes to have digital files, I export the individual timelines via AME, and then add them to the DVDROM content folder.





      That is my workflow in a nutshell...