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    Cannot uninstall, repair, or reinstall Adobe Reader


      I think this suddenly happened a few days ago (no clue what the cause is), but since then no pdf files would have that pdf icon, they've all returned to the ugly "general file" icon, though it could still be opened with Adobe Reader. I have version 9.3.4 that was installed when I used a C drive backup to reformat C. So I tried to repair Adobe Reader to fix this icon problem, but it gives an error, "error 2318: file does not exist...", exact error in the attached screenshot. Same error occurs if I choose to uninstall too. So I also tried to install a newer version (9.4) directly over 9.3.4 without uninstalling, and absolutely nothing happened. I basically installed that add-on for firefox, let the Adobe dowload manager do its work installing Reader and McAfee (don't remember agreeing to installing this though?), then it has a checkmark indicating it's installed successfully, but when I go to programs list to check nothing's changed, no new programs installed and still says 9.3.4.

      If screenshot can't be seen here's direct link: http://imgur.com/aVj23.jpg

      Thanks for your help.