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      Looking for a script that will do the following,


      I need to firstly have a text field auto populate with today’s date. I’m using the following script.


      var f = this.getField("RaisedDate");
      f.value = util.printd("mmm/d/yyyy", new Date());


      Then i need a 2nd text field to populate depending on what dropdown is chosen in a drop down.


      Basically the code im looking for is something like


      If "dropdownbox option 1" is choosen, TargetDate(free text field) = RaisedDate + 24 hours(1day)

      If "dropdownbox option 2" is choosen, TargetDate(free text field) = RaisedDate + 48 hours(2days)

      If "dropdownbox option 3" is choosen, TargetDate(free text field) = RaisedDate + 72 hours(3days)


      If anyone has a solution as I’m only new to scripting please advise as it would be much appreciated.

          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Use the following as the custom calculation script of the TargetDate field. It assumes that the combo box (export) values are restricted to being a number.


          (function () {


              // Get date from field
              var v = getField("RaisedDate").value;


              // Get the number of days to add from combo box
              var days_to_add = getField("DaysCombo").value;
              if (v) {


                  // Convert string to date
                  var d = util.scand("mmm/d/yyyy", v);


                  // Add days
                  d.setDate(d.getDate() + days_to_add);


                  // Set value of this field to the new date
                  event.value = util.printd("mmm/d/yyyy", d);


              } else {


                  // Blank field if no date available
                  event.value = "";




          Replace "DaysCombo" in the code above to match the name of the combo box field you're using.