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    Slow interface when using 9-slice symbols?




      Just wondering if anyone else experiences really poor performance within the Flash application when using 9-slice symbols?

      I'm using a Quad Core 9300 with 4GB ram, 512mb 780GTX, Windows Vista (32bit) and CS4 with dual 24" screens.  I have noticed it's slightly better in CS5 with Windows 7 but still experiences similar problems.

      I am wondering if maybe it's related to the dual screen setup. I will try disabling one next.


      By slow interface, I mean clicking on a symbol might take 4-5 seconds to register. Double clicking it, another 4-5 seconds, moving it a single pixel, 4-5 seconds etc.  It gets worse the more symbols there are on the stage.  Hide the layer with them on it and it runs fine.


      I've tried using XP compatability mode, disabling windows aero all with no success.


      I'd be very interested to hear if other people have this issue and if anyone has a solution!