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    RoboHelp hangs, with 100% CPU whenever I close a topic.

    symmetricalMan Level 1


      Windows XP Pro


      I have recently installed RH8 and performed the two available updates, bringing it up to

      RH8 is installed locally, on my computer only, and I am the only user.

      I have been working in RH daily, and have had no major issues, except a little slowness when working across the network (RH is installed locally, but the project was saved to a networked machine).


      Over the last two days I've noticed that whenever I close a topic, RH hangs for approximately 10-15 seconds, during which I can't activate or select anything in the UI. This occurs regardless of whether I've actually made any changes to the topic, and regardless of how many topics I have open simultaneously.


      Whilst a topic is open, I can edit it without any problems. I can also click on anything in the UI, use any of the menus etc - the hanging problem only occurs when I close a topic.


      When working in an open topic, my CPU usage is low; 4-7%, depending on what I'm doing. However, when the 'hanging' occurs, the CPU peaks at 100%, again for 10-15 seconds, after which the CPU drops back down to 'normal' operations and I can continue working.


      I have tried creating a new project on my local machine, in case the delay had something to do with RH writing back to the remote location, but the problem persists, regardless.