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    click-able images in generated PDF




      is there any way how to disable click-able images (ImageFields) on generated PDF? I was able to set TextFields to readonly mode, but I can't somehow find the way how to set images to not to be click-able.





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          MartinDetva Level 1

          So ...I had to figure it out myself, as always when doing something with Adobe Livecycle PDF


          Start the scripting editor in Adobe Designer and:


          1. Click on the particular imagefield
          2. Select the  event - form:ready
          3. Select the  Language: JavaScript & Run At:  Client
          4. Type the following in the script area -  <binding name of Image Field>.access = "readOnly";


          Example: If the binding  name of Image Field is ImageField1 then type the following line in the scripting  area:


          ImageField1.access = "readOnly";





          and that's it