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    Feedback on RTMFP quality

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      Hi people,


      I just finished testing FMS4 and Cirrus public servers with simple multicast broadcast-receive application.

      It works, but quality (frankly) sucks big time in both FMS4 and CIrrus. I played with all i(un)maginable options with setQuality/setMode with my HD web cam and can't get rid of pixelation. Actually it is already eveident on local a Video component, even without trip over network to a peer. Anyone has a better experience? What's general perception about usability of the technology beyond simple chat applications you have?




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          nimigeanu Level 2

          It is not obvious from your input if the "pixelation" is due to compression artifacts or just enlarged/aliased pixels.


          1. if you also experienced with Camera.setLoopback and the result is acceptable without loopback (false) but poor with loopback (true) then your "pixelation" is due to compression; skip to #4


          2. with loopback set to false, if you're getting "big" upscaled pixels flash may have selected a small resolution on your camera; try to match a bigger one exactly (start with the highest) via camera.setMode


          3. if in turn you observe tiny "rough" pixels then your video is not being smoothed (antialiased) when scaled; set video.smoothing to true or make the video on stage the same size as the video resolution defined with setMode


          4. the encoder inside FP (Sorenson Spark) is about 10 years old; besides being deprecated as a technology it is also designed to have a low impact on the CPU; in today's world it can only output decent results for low resolution (max. 480p) webcam video; things you may try:


          *keep experimenting with resolution, fps and bitrate(bandwidth), best setting should be a compromise of these not maxing them all out
          *set sorenson video deblocking on the viewer end (video.deblocking = 2)
          *depending on content, especially if mostly static or with static background, you may try a contrast and/or sharpness filter (see ConvolutionFilter) on the viewer end
          *use FMLE for encoding, it has better codec(s)
          *wait for WebM encoding into flash player


          Good luck!