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    Published Captivate 2 Files in WebCT

      I recently started using Captivate 2 and it does not seem to Publish to Flash and work in WebCT as well as the previous version that I used. I choose "Export HTML" on the Publishing screen and click on the Flash icon and it creates the following 4 files (my project name is FN):

      1. FN.html

      2. FN.swf

      3. FN
      Shockwave Flash Object

      4. Standard
      JScript Script File

      In the older version of Captivate when you published you were only presented with the first two files: 1. FN.html & 2. FN.swf . You then had to upload both into WebCT and use the html version on your organizer page. Now it doesn't work even if I upload all 4 files into WebCT. I have tried the "Standalone" version, but it causes error messages for users.

      Does anyone know how to make it work in WebCT?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Captivate 2 creates a "borders" file that is new to that version. There are several ways to solve your problem, I think. The simplest might be to construct your movie so the playback control has its own "blank space" for display, then go to "Project > Skins > Borders > (and) de-select Show Borders option.

          If you do this, the playback control will use the bottom 35 pixels of your project for a display area, and the borders file ("_skin.swf") will not be generated during publishing. You would then point to (link to) the "project.HTM" file to start your Captivate movie, just like you did in earlier versions.

          Hope this helps you get it sorted, ValerieGailRay. In any case, welcome to the Captivate User2User community!!