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    swfLoader Compile problem.


      I`m running into a tiny but very serious problem here in Flex Builder version 3.0. I've made 2 projects in Flex. One is the main project and the second one gets loaded over swfLoader from the main project. The reason why this is made is so the final user can actually make any type of modification on the second project and then upload the .swf file in the main application where all the binaries are stored. So i ran into an error after 2 weeks of hard work after i designed the whole project. The thing is that every time the user has to modify things on the second project he/she has to copy the compiled .swf file to the binary repository of the server AND import the changed MXML into the first project and re-compile the parent swf ... now I'm wondering if there's a way i can get past that problem with just putting the compiled version of the second swf file and then get all the changes without importing the MXML file from the second project into the first and having to re-compile the first project. I must mention that both the swf file and mxml must be compatible to each other. If you change code in the mxml file it will not affect the swf that is compiled and so as the reverse mode. So all i need is the swf file to be uploaded with the changes made and thats it Any clues from someone who ran into this type of problem ?