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    AfterEffects CS4 crashes during rendering or export




      I have a trail version of aftereffects CS4, that had expired a long time back, however I faced the following issues:


      During Rendering or export in full resultion(Full HD) it crashes.

      While editing a video to drag pointer from on fram to another, it very slow.


      My system is properly built, I have a 1GB grafic card Nvidia, 8 GB ram, 3.2 GHZ processor, and 1T hard disk 7600RPM but Im using a 32Bit windows 7 operating system. however I have noticed that Aftereffects uses only 3.24 RAM, Im quite dissapointed at this point that all the capabilities are not yet into aftereffects coverage, I tryed mutli processing and it even make the program rendering while export or during preview slower!!!


      I do require a solution, I cannot give up on aftereffects and planning to purchase the full version of after effects CS5, but as i noticed in many forms that the software is still into these issues and no solution has been made, therefore I will not invest on this software if the issue remained the same.


      looking forward for your resoultion in this matter,