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    How to set hyper-link enable to open an executive file (xx.exe)

    Hannya S

      Using Adobe reader 9.4.0

      For example are the followings

      "Click here" to make a software notpad.exe run.

      the word "click here" are hyperlinked with file://c:windows/notpad.exe


      "Clickhere" to open MSPaint.exe to view an imagefile

      the word"clickhere" are hyperlinked with file://c:windows/system32/mspaint.exe



      This PDF file was exported from OpenOffice writer.


      Actually I would like to make the word been hyperlinked with a file  in my PC.

      In the previous version of AdobeReader, it was OK.

      But now the new version could not open the executive file.


      Would you teach me how to set a condition of the reader for it ?