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    GTX285 cuda doesn't accelerate RED footage



      I have a problem getting Cuda to accelerate anything in premiere CS5, although I think I have a certified card.

      I am mostly working on RED files that I used to edit in CS4 without any cuda card, at 1/4 res. But since I installed CS5 and the Cuda card, I don't see any improvement...

      I have:

      - Premiere CS5.02
      - windows 7 64bits
      - 8Gb ram
      - Intel Quadro q9550 cpu
      - asus ENGTX285

      When I turn on GPU cuda acceleration in premiere, I do get the yellow bar  in my sequence (instead of red), but the playback performance is the same as in software  mode... I won't go any further than 1/4 res on one video track. And the CPU usage is about the same too (between 75% and 100% in  1/4 res)

      Does anybody know what I might be missing ?
      What should I check?