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    Issuing Opening Projects in PE8

    Beany from Brooklyn


      Dell XPS, i7 CPU, 6gig RAM, Win7 64bit

      Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (I tried to install 8.01 update and it says the program is up to date but the About window still says 8.0)

      1,14TB RAID 0 HD (2 disks), 187 gig free.

      WEI – 5.9

      Graphics WEI – 6.7

      NVIDA GeForce 889 GTS, latest drivers (, 320mb RAM

      Dual Monitor setup

      Apple QuickTime v7.6.8


      Assets: store bought DVD content imported, non-copy-protected



      Project P1 - I simply took 4 minutes of the assets and using the cutting feature arranged them in order with 1-2 sec gaps. There are 5-8 segments.

      Another Project (P2) had the same issue which was much longer and took whole segments from the DVD and 2 MPEGs created from my Sony Camcorder (onto the memory card so it is low quality).

      NO transitions, effects or titles in projects.



      After creating the 2nd project, I did a “Save As’ and gave it a new name P2. The new name P2 does not open. 
      When I open these projects, they load into reaching 100%. Most times it just sits there for 5-600 minutes. Once and only once did it eventually open after 25 minutes in that state.

      I can create new projects and open older ones (created several months ago)

      I have run thru all the steps in the KB, Troubleshoot damaged projects located at http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/515/cpsid_51552.html (re-refreshed cache, delete pref file, try auto-save's)


      This is a new problem but I have not made a project in 4 months.

      Also, and I am not sure if this is related, I cannot create a QuickTime movie from a project. It tells me the (when I go to the choose location and setting window) “Export Settings Invalid” and I cannot do anything in that window except to the back button. The preset dropdown is empty.

      Thanks in advance

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you really used all but a few hundred gigs of your 1 terrabyte drive,Beany? That could be cause for concern.


          I hope that you maintain your system regularly, removing your temp and scratch files and defragmenting regularly, per my books and the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          In fact, with 90% of your drive full, defragmenting regularly is singlularly important, since the program requires huge chunks of contiguous space in order to function. (You also seem to imply you have two hard drives. If this is the case, have you ensured that both are formatted for NTFS and not FAT32?)


          Beyond that, there's some precious information missing from your post:

          1) When you created your new projects, did you put them inside a folder or did you save them to the main directory on your drive? There are a number of issues associated with saving your project files to your main directory and, as I explain in my books, you should not only save your project files inside a folder structure, but there are a number or good reasons for creating a new folder for each project file you create.

          2) It's not really clear where you source video is coming from or which project presets you're using for your Premiere Elements project -- but those factors alone can be a big determiner in how successful your project is and in how efficiently the program performs.


          Have you assured that your project settings match your source footage?


          With your DVD files, for instance, did you ensure that your project is set up for DVD or Hard Drive Camcorders?


          3) Finally, I'm very concerned that you say you have no Share output presets. This is usually an indicator of a failed or corrupt installation, and this should be addressed before you even attempt a project.

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            Beany from Brooklyn Level 1


            HD Space: The issue is I backup to the same disk. That will change shortly with a external server

            I have 2 HD setup as a RAID 0(stripped) for speed.



            All of them are in

            C:\Users\Daddy\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\8.0

            I think you are saying I should create a separate folder for each project within this main directory.



            It comes from Christmas DVD that is not copy protected.

            To Get Media, I use AVCHD or other hard disk/memory device to import it into PE8

            The reason I use this setting is the content seems to be a much higher quality then if i use DVD (Camcorder or PC DVD Drive).

            I am not sure how to match the presets here.


            Share Output:

            I try to create a PC File. SO I go to that section. The presets there all seem to work (MPEG, etc). However when I go to the QuickTime preset, that is when I have a problem.

            I am glad to focus on this but i do not know where to even start. 

            Here is what I get:


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              nealeh Level 5

              For a DVD you should be using the DV> Standard project preset (NTSC or PAL as appropriate). Depending on how well the DVD complies with DVD Standards you may need to convert the VOB files to DV-AVI before import to PRE. See: What tools can I use to convert my video to DV-AVI?


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm still not sure what settings you're using for your project. When you begin a new project, do you select specfic settings or do you just go with the default settings? As I said, matching your project's settings (not your output settings, but the settings you select when you create your project) is vital to creating a successful, quality project.


                I'm not sure why you're saving your project files inside your Program Files directory -- but I sure don't recommend doing so. If, for some reason, you should need to reinstall your software, you very much risk losing all of your video work!

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                  Beany from Brooklyn Level 1


                  I have a lot to learn!

                  The projects i do are alwys the default

                  NTSC-DV-Standard 48kHz


                  I have some work to do to answer the other questions which I will do.

                  However, what i did was to get it going and export it to AVI so i can then create a new project and edit that one safely. Not elegant but i think based on the things I read it will be a work around as I figure out the other problems.


                  As always, thank you.