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    Bizarre mouse behavior on rollOut - bug??

      I built a custom cursor out of a swf file and I am applying it on rollover to a specific item. That part works fine. The problem is the on rollOut event (or mouseOut I've tried both same exact behavior) fires CONTINUOUSLY when I move the mouse to the RIGHT. It only fires when I move the mouse to the right. Let me give an example:

      app starts, normal mouse cursor
      i roll over an item, swf cursor applied
      normal behavior is for swf cursor to be applied over the item, and off when rolled out of it.
      if i move my mouse to the right while still OVER the item, the event fires for every pixel i move even though i haven't rolled out.

      if i leave the cursor on and move off the item and move around in the application, the event still fires every single pixel i move to the right. not only does it fire - it fires a rollout event up the entire chain of my application. it fires an on rollout event for every single component in the application including the APPLICATION itself!!

      i'm going nuts on this one, anyone have some insight? the swf cursor is nothing fancy, just a bitmap, text, and one small little animation with no scripts.
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          jevanoff Level 1
          The issue seems to be resolved (after a longgggg time of debugging) to be related the the X and Y offset parameters of the setCursor method. My cursor was designed to have no offset so i left it blank. I tried 0,0 but that didn't fix the problem.

          Putting in any number (1,1) seems to fix the problem. this must be a bug of some sort in the constructor for this class. Can any of the Mods/Devs mark this as a bug to investigate?