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    Jumpy pages in transition

    m4tt b4ss3tt Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am having an issue with page transition, in order to fit everything into my site I have had to use several custom components made up of several pages each.  Everything is navigating as it should but with some long pauses, and more annoyingly my main menu text buttons are blinking, when pressed the whole menu disappears and reappears very quickly but it makes the overall effect look terrible.  I have not explained this very well but hopefully someone will know what I am talking about.  Is it to do with sheer size of all the information, and is therefore a hardware issue or am I overlooking a simple solution to this. 


      Any and all help greatly appreciated.



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Without seeing the whole project it is hard to fully debug. My guess on the main menu button issue is that the component(s) are not being shared across the states correctly. I would look at the transitions that you use and see if anything is applied to them that might cause this. Another place to look would be in the code itself. Although you cannot edit the code in FC, it might give you a clue. I would l look for anything list in the states attribute.


          Good luck,