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    XHTML for digital editions on Indesign Server


      Hi all,


      I have a problem exporting to ePub on a Indesign server.

      I've tried looking into the "XHTML for digital editions"-files in the indesign CS4 and CS5 installations, but it all seems protected jsxbin. It looks like a "black box"-delivery.

      My next step was the "Indesign server sdk" which has a nice example called 'DigitalEditionsSample.jsx'.

      Which works nice in the indesign-product, but i've had no luck with the server-version.

      It keeps telling me there is a problem with 'layoutwindows'. I know 'layoutwindows' are not available in the server-version. But the 'layoutwindows' are called somewhere in the OEBExporter and that's again a jsxbin.


      Is there a solution for my problem?

      Or can i just get the scripts in stead of the jsxbin?


      Thanks for your reply,