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    Organizing project folders




      While developing large Flex projects, I often find myself wanting to organize the project folders so that everything is neat and logical.


      One of my main concerns in doing so was that the bin-release folder had only whatever necessary items there were to run the project, and nothing extra. Therefore, I found I should place any assets loaded at compile time NOT in the src folder, but in a separate folder somewhere outside the src (any non-code files in src or subfolders seem to be exported in the bin-release).


      This raised one minor issue: Whenever I embed something into my code, using @Embed directives, I need to specifiy the location starting with "../", as to get out of the default src folder. I really hate this, for one it reminds me I could always use "../../" to look for stuff even outside the whole project folder, which is ugly to do; plus I think "../" is bad practice in any code and should always be worked around.


      What I would prefer is a way to mark folders as being part of the compile-time library path, but not to be exported in the bin-release. Is there such an option in Flash Builder? I needn't mention I prefer not to delete the assets from the bin-release folder myself.