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    Can we change the font size of (none) style in RH8?

    Teri White Level 1

      In RH8 when you add bullets, numbers or a new row to an existing table the style immediately to (none).  And (none) is 12pt.  Our "Normal" is a 10pt....and the font size does NOT show in the editor for (none)...only in Preview or compiled webhelp.  So many people are missing that they have a (none) applied somewhere in the topic until its in Production.


      I can't find (none) in the stylesheets and it doesn't allow me to select and edit it.


      Is there a way to change the (none) size font to Arial 10pt?  The Arial seems to hold from Normal to (none) but the 12pt is killing us.


      It would be nice if it would keep the Normal that was origionally applied...but if I can force 10pt life would be much, much simpler.  ??


      THANK YOU for your creative answers!!!